We present to you the works of Ragheed the artist

Ragheed started his hobby of painting from his earliest times, which became part of his life through his imagination, simulating the events and situations with his feelings.

Ragheed was able in a short time to innovate in his various drawings through the use of pen, water and oil painting, and his creativity led by the arts of wool work and the fine arts of sculpture through the sculpture of bread, which helped him to practice that hobby in prison.

Prisons were as a gate widening buried his skills Since his imprisonment and movement between them, where he spent nearly 38 years, the hobby of painting was the best companion to emulate part of his life in an expressive framework based on his creative ideas to form expressive paintings comparable to the drawings of artists in this area.

His creations evolved to lead himself to the art of wool work, sculpture and the latter made him master the remnants of bread he was fed from prison.

One of the situations that almost held his imagination to practice the hobby of painting is to prevent them, and while he was in Tadmor prison in 1997, where he remained during a period of his transition to multiple prisons, the prison administration needed a painter and was chosen and then returned to practice the drawing.

His love and passion for painting led him to acquire diversity in this hobby and to master and develop himself to practice other hobbies such as sculpture and wool work, which is equally important.

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