Years of detention ?

from 23/11/1981 to Now /p>

Clear reason ?


Who is Ragheed ?

The oldest political prisoner was detained for 38 years

Ragheed in lines

Name: Ragheed Ahmed Al Tateri
Age: 65 years old
Title: Suweida Prison
Syrian nationality
Date of arrest: 1981
Arrested: State Security
Was he arrested and who arrested him: Yes, he was arrested by the State Security Branch 285
Reasons for arrest and arrest: Because of the flight of two of his friends pilots to Jordan by plane
Accusations against him: The beginning of coordination on the flight of pilots to Jordan and later in the first month of 1986 was charged with another disclosure of information to a foreign country by the field court
Court hearing suit: Military Field Court.
Has the verdict been appealed: No, because the verdict is irrevocable?
Imprisoned prison: Sweida prison
Filing date: General Intelligence 24-11-1981 1985                          
Mezze Military Prison

Palmyra Military Prison 21-5-1986-24-8-2001
Sednaya Military Prison 24-8-2001-27-8-2011

Sorry, Central Prison 27-8-2011-2-4-2016 Sweida Central Prison 2-4-2016 till now.

Ragheed's story !

We will tell the story of Rageed's life in a partitions
Part 1: Ragheed and his passion for flying

We have many dreams from the earliest age to be fragmented and fragmented to a single dream to takea place within ourselves and taking all our minds to be applied with the increase of imagination, and with this may fade and dissolve with days for several casual factors and absence of motivation, the appropriate environment and favorable encouragement. On the other hand may grow this dream and grow slowly…
It is slowly becoming stronger, more mature with successive changes, events and attitudes; eventually reaching its peak, achieving what the self aspired to be.
Ragheed, an eight-year-old like other children of this age, has the trait of curiosity, research and discovery, what behind his passion for flying!
Airport were like the first communication bridge of his emotion.
Rageed's family used to take him to the airport during his childhood, where they are receiving their arrivals, while Rageed were in absolute free to unleash his childish sensation in the meditation of the plane, keen on with the movement issued by the roaring whispering, which is were like a music tone playing in his conscience.

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A documentary illustrates the story of the suffering of the captive dean Ragheed al-Tatari

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