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We, the families of the detainee Ragheed al-Tateridi, his relatives and friends call The Syrian authorities should immediately release our son Ragheed, who is being arbitrarily detained without trial and no known charges against him. He is detained from 24 November 1981 until now. We declare our full solidarity with him and with all detained human rights defenders and prisoners of conscience in our country who are detained solely for their peaceful and legitimate human rights activities. Which focus on defending human rights public freedoms. We call for their immediate release. We express our deep concern for their physical and psychological integrity and hold the Syrian authorities responsible. We call upon every free man to share with us the secretariat of the defense of our forcibly disappeared son thirty-eight years ago, in solidarity with us. Every day an extra prison for Ragheed detracts from our humanity Please Sign for him: #Freedom_The Oldest_Prisoner_in the World_Ragheed                               

September 14, 2019Pause for Idlib in Vienna to demand a halt to massacres Sourghaid was raised for him and all the detainees Solidarity with us for him to know the issue for which he was sentenced and the duration of our right to know after 38 years in Syria prisons # Freedom_Old_Prisoner